Castells defines informationalism as a “mode of development, the blossoming of informational technologies, and the process of the restructuring of capitalism” (1989). Informationalists of today have transformed the world we live in by producing, manufacturing, altering, packaging, selling, buying, leasing, retailing, analyzing, interpreting, creating and designing information. This has created the industry and the era of informationalism. Edinfocom’s attention to information was developed to meet the needs of the clients in this era where information and informational skills are defining the future not only of the individual and businesses, but of countries and nations.  Our consulting firm can provide solutions to the complex issues for individuals, as well as for businesses and nonprofit organizations. We have recently done analyses of the following sectors for our clients: energy, trade, pharmaceutics and healthcare. We analyze and advise on social-media trends and can provide information that may help predict factors that affect the future of the financial market. Through our subsidiaries, we also offer in-depth information about individuals and organizations by engaging third-party services.