Edinfocom, Corp. is a multifaceted company formed in 2004. With a strong team of experienced consultants, Edinfocom helps you and your business or organization strategize to meet its true potential. We will assess your needs and guide you through our division of services we offer to provide professional business solutions: from education, competency training, and branding to information technology support.

Expanding from education, information, and communication services, we now offer a diverse level of services to our clients through our subsidiaries and affiliates: Manage Your Business, LLC, Easy Med Management Services, LLC and SunSpin Media, LLC. The core team of Edinfocom employees assess, direct and manage the planning and operational needs of your organization. Edinfocom, with our extensive research and years of experience, offers customized training on leadership, management and communication for all affiliates, subsidiaries and clients.

Dawn Learning Center has being launched in August 2014 to fulfill the growing the demands of our subsidiaries by providing training and professional development.